1999 Developed a Linear Programming method to reconcile customer demand estimates with real time transformer flows on a secondary network.

1998 Developed a Linear Programming tap change estimator to relieve Unit substation transformer overloads

1998 Designed the incorporation of the Unit Substation Telemetery into PVL for both planning and operating.

1996 Developed the Linear Programming estimator of High Tension Vault demands for Analog WOLF

1992 Developed the Operations Load flow (WOLF) distribution operations next contingency power flow

1989 Developed the Polyvoltage Loadflow (PVL), the secondary network design power flow

1986 Conceived, developed and installed the first control room Data Acquisition and Management System (DAMS) for RMS data. This system also brought the first point and click interface into the electric distribution control rooms.

1984 Developed and installed the first point and click secondary network power flow to run on an engineering work station. This effort eliminated outside timesharing costs of over $120,000 per year.

1980 With Public Service Electric and Gas, developed and implemented the first application of artificial intelligent to contingency selection.

1980 Designed and implemented one of the first applications of Performance Index contingency selection.

1980 Successful implementation of a State Estimator in an Energy Control Center.

1976 Developed the first graphic based distribution power flow.

1969 Designed, developed and successfully installed the first online Bulk Electric System security Monitoring (next contingency analysis and emergency relief) in an Energy Control Center.